Construction Gaia aims to build its reputation on the quality of work and customer satisfaction. That is why we offer a 2 year warranty on all work we do. This guarantee ensures the maintenance of the quality of our work. However, note that several factors beyond our control may affect the durability of the paint work. Therefore, we can not guarantee some of them. The clause below explains the details of our guarantee.

Warranty on painting:

Our warranty covers materials and labor in the places listed below (see Part 1). Non-mentioned elements are not covered (see sample list Part 2). The 2 year warranty applies to painting only. Stains and varnishes are guaranteed for a period of 1 year.

Warranty on the work of carpentry and plastering:

Due to the plant composition of carpentry materials, movements of buildings and other unpredictable factors, Gaia Construction can not guarantee in any way the work of carpentry and plaster. We strongly recommend that you do the maintenance we recommend (eg. Painting every 2-5 years depending on materials and products applied in protection.)

Part 1 – Covered Items

1- Brick surfaces, cement and aluminum.

2- The vertical wooden surfaces (doors, windows, cornices, banisters).

3- Problems caused by knots in wood.

4- Problems caused by caulking and wood putty.

5- Problems arising from poor preparation.

6- All interior work, except in the case of structural problems or water damage.

Part 2- Non-covered Items

1-All horizontal surfaces (balconies, floors, stairs).

2- Roofing.

3- Metal and wrought iron.

4- Surfaces with unresolved problems before the start of work (Moisture, Mold, Lead)

5- All work not done by Construction Gaia.

6- The works whose materials were provided by the customer.

7- All construction work for which Gaia has not been fully paid


For questions or comments, please contact us (see contact form)

All the guarantees work must be done by Construction Gaia. No invoice will be reimbursed for work done by another company.