Outside painting

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Gaia Construction has the expertise of residential and commercial exterior painting in all its aspects:

  • Wood: siding , balconies, railings, floors, ceilings, pillars, cornices, doors, windows, shutters, etc.
  • Wrought iron : emergency stairs, railings, floors, ceilings, railings, fences, etc.
  • Metal: galvanized steel roofs, doors, windows and aluminum sidings, etc.
  • Masonry: stucco, concrete, soiling, brick walls, sills, etc.
  • Stains and varnishes : doors, windows, patios, garden furniture, fences, railings, etc.

If Gaia Construction can offer a 2 year warranty on all of its work, it is because it has the expertise and know-how which ensure successful sustainability work it undertakes. With years of experience, we have learned to identify the critical steps to the success of this work in the best conditions.