Gaïa and the environment

Gaia Construction is also doing its part for the environment .

Bois-Plantes 3

In fact, the entire team works  by mutual agreement to reduce the environmental impacts that a general contractor may have on ecology. Several actions are implemented:

  • Using recycled paint


  • Priority use of latex paint vs. oil paint, which is much more harmful to the environment
  • Using paint without VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Disposal of empty gallons in recycling
  • Bringing disposable materials in one of the Écocentre of the island of Montreal
  • Partnership with container companies to environmentally responsible waste
  • If possible reuse of building materials that are still in good condition
  • Installation of rainwater barrels (used later for irrigation of gardens)
  • Reusable canvas
  • Etc.

On this subject, do you know Eco Gaia?

Eco Gaia is a Montreal-based company specializing in landscaping and eco-responsible greenhouses. It makes edible and utilitarian developments for businesses, institutions and individuals. It offers customized design, layout, consultation and maintenance services, as well as training and conferences for the general public.

Eco Gaia is the company to call if you want to cultivate your own vegetable garden in the city, or simply beautify your land!