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Over the years, we have noticed a significant number of situations where the wood needed minor repairs before painting. To complete our service offer and guarantee the quality of our work, we have gradually offered a wood replacement service. Today we are able to offer a complete repair and building service.

  • Balconies (structure, floor, fascia, soffits)
  • Railings, handrails, columns and pillars
  • Stairs and silt
  • Wall divisions
  • Bearing walls

By replacing the boards that are damaged, we can increase the life of what we paint, thereby often delaying major renovation. In addition to saving money, this would contribute to reducing the environmental impact of renovation work by reducing the amount of building materials that ends up in landfills. Many contractors prefer to change everything while only places less covered or more requested are damaged.

Thus, while our teams are quite willing to undertake major work, our representatives are primarily intended to find the most profitable solution for your wallet and the environment.